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Stations Broadcast by Citizens TV

The channels listed below are the ones that Citizens TV broadcasts as of November 20, 2019. Because we are a “translator”, we transmit on UHF frequencies that differ from the station’s own channel designation that appears on screen in its programming. Channels listed as “-1” are High Definition signals; channels listed as “-2 or -3” are subchannels that carry separate programming that may be a lower-definition signal. Please note that we have been required by the FCC to move some of our stations to different UHF channels. As a result, these channels may have disappeared from your TV’s station lineup. You can get them back if you “rescan” your TV. Your remote will include a way to do this (usually accessed through the “menu” button.)

Channels 11 20 19

Citizens TV will soon be adding a new station with subchannels to replace the Spokane stations that we lost for reasons outside our control.

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