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During its entire history, Citizens TV has depended on our members for financial support.  The board is made up of unpaid volunteers and, as much as possible, we even rely on volunteers to maintain the transmitter.  Nevertheless, we still have numerous expenses including electricity, equipment upgrades, and technical expertise.  This year, we face new expenses because of a FCC-mandated channel "repacking: that has forced us to spend moneyto apply for new channels and the need for new equipment. Accordingly, please send an annual donation of $45 or more to:

Citizens TV Inc.
Box 2
Milton-Freewater, Oregon 97862

You can also make a donation through PayPal by clicking the PayPal button.

Please note that the requested annual contribution of $45 is about one-half of the monthly cable or satellite bill.  Please encourage your neighbors and friends that are receiving Citizens TV by antenna to contribute, as we run on a very tight budget.

Please Read our Donation Letter Published July 2018


We welcome your support and comments.

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