Portland Channels Fixed

Good news! The technician managed to reach the microwave relay site on Black Mt. where the outage occurred after the wind storm a couple weeks ago. As of today, we are again rebroadcasting the Portland commercial stations 2,6,8,12,32 and 49

Thank you all for your patience! 

Annual Membership Meeting, October 20, 2021

Please attend our Annual Membership meeting on Wednesday, October 20, 7 pm, at the Milton-Freewater Senior Center, 311 N. Main Street.  

New Channels added as of Summer 2021

As of summer, 2021, we have expanded our channel lineup with 6 new subchannels from KVEW, Kennewick (our channels 14-1 through 14-7) 4 new channels from KRCW, Portland (32-1 through 32-1) plus a Native American-oriented channel, First Nations Experience (FNX, channel 51-1).  Check these out!

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